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"Love knows hidden paths."
German Proverb


When we decided to create L.I.F.E. we wanted our earth friendly designs to be printed on clothing that was super soft, comfortable to wear, and responsible to our Earth's eco-system. After extensive investigation of products available to us we believed organic cotton was the natural choice.


Conventional cotton farming uses insecticides and herbicides that can harm our Mother Earth with toxic chemicals that can breach our environment's water and food supplies. Recent studies have linked such chemicals to manifestations of asthma and cancer, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a statement in 2000 implying that seven of the top fifteen pesticides are possible carcinogens. Conventional cotton farms were sprayed with approximately fifty-five million pounds of pesticides in the United States in 2003 alone. Non-organic cotton farming uses a quarter of the world's supply of insecticides annually. One tee-shirt requires approximately a third of a pound of pesticides and fertilizers.


Organic cotton farming is far more beneficial to the environment because it does not use either synthetic fertilizers or insecticides, utilizing only low impact methods and materials that preserve the fertility of the soil and the balance of the land. All organic cotton farms are certified by a third-party organization to guarantee the purity of their production methods, such as natural compost and beneficial insects. The main focus of organic farming is the soil. The soil is kept healthy by constant care and cultivation, not by heedless chemical spray. The farms are hand-hoed, and the farmers practice crop-rotation to maintain the balance of nitrogen fixing plants. Because of the absence of toxic chemicals, both the farmer and the consumer are safe from harmful carcinogens.


Our organic cotton is certified to be raised without the use of toxic fertilizers and pesticides. It is grown is soil which is free of toxins and the cotton seed is not genetically manipulated. Our goal is that the cotton used in our tee-shirt is low impact on our planet. We believe that the road to a healthier Mother Earth is through consumer awareness and responsible corporate action and we are proud to embrace this belief.